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Climate of Goa

Goa Tourism Guide > Goa > Climate

Rainfall | Temperature | Relative Humidity (Rh)






Cool, most pleasant weather



Warm summer, hot and humid



Heavy rains, 3000-3500 mm, high humidity



Relatively warm, no rain

Goa receives rainfall from South-West monsoon between the months of June to September. The average rainfall in Goa varies between 3000-3500 mm.
Monthly rainfall distribution data for past 10 years shows that highest rainfall occurs in the month of July while February is the driest month during most of the years. Few showers occur during winter and pre-monsoon season.
Temperatures in Goa vary from 180C to 320C, but during the recent years a little increase in summer temperatures i.e. 340C (May 1997) & 33.30C (May 1996) has been recorded.
The mean monthly temperature (Average of maximum + minimum value) is highest in summer (May) and lowest in winter (Jan-Feb). Moderate tropical weather prevails during rest of the year.
Relative Humidity (Rh)
As mentioned earlier, Goa's climate is generally humid due to its proximity to the sea. The relative humidity is higher during the months of July to September.
During the months of December and January the difference between the RH recorded at 0830 hrs. and 1730 hrs. is quite significant, as winter sets during these months. The weather is therefore, mostly foggy during dawn and at dusk.

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