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Domestic Architecture

Goa Tourism Guide > Goa > Domestic Architecture

With the emergence of rich landlords and businessmen in the 18th century, Goa witnessed a wave of building activities for domestic purposes reflecting wealth, taste, status and grandeur of the elite. Borrowed Portuguese features mingled with local domestic architecture to produce a distinctive Goan style of houses.

The liberal use of ultramarine with matching colours painted an aesthetic look in the houses. Houses adapted to local climate, with stark red-tiled roofs to ward off heavy rain during the monsoon.
Christian houses generally install a cross and/or a bust of Jesus at the main entrance. Large spacious and airy reception rooms, curved inward looking windows glazed with glass or oyster shell, central courtyards, central staircase leading to verandas and balconies are prominent features. Big houses with a private chapel in case of Christian houses and a shrine for family God in Hindu houses reflect the deep religious sentiments of Goans.
One of the most famous examples of domestic architecture in Goa is the house of Menezes Bragança at Chandor, the ancient capital of the Kadambas. It is visited by hundreds of tourists every year for its sheer architectural splendour.

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